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Wi-Fi Aware makes smartphones 'aware' of nearby devices

New Wi-Fi Aware will enable smartphones within close proximity to communicate with each other; a new program will provide Internet access to public housing residents.


Random MAC addresses could improve Wi-Fi security

An IEEE group advocates random MAC addresses for increased Wi-Fi security, while networking pros say enterprise security isn't strong enough for moving applications to the cloud.


FCC to act if municipal broadband doesn't improve

The FCC says it will intervene if broadband carriers don't improve their offerings; a new LTE technology could impact Wi-Fi, setting up a confrontation.


News recap: Advance could double fiber optic capacity

A fiber optic cable advance could give networks the ability to transmit more data over longer distances at lower costs, and a Google startup will reinvent old phone booths as Wi-Fi hot spots.

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Telecom Basics

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    CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access)

    CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) refers to any of several protocols used in second-generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) wireless communications.

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    millimeter wave (MM wave)

    Millimeter wave is the band of radio spectrum between 30 Ghz and 300 Ghz that is available for use in a broad range of products and services like high speed, point-to-point wireless LAN and broadband access.

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    Outfit your SDN with software-defined security

    The network architecture shift to software-defined networking requires software-defined security, not a hard-wired security approach.

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