The promise and challenges of IP video

Broadband is driving video and video is driving broadband in faster and faster circles, which puts video deployment high on service providers' agendas this year. Whether the definition of video includes IPTV, video on demand, "over the top" video from other content providers or any other flavor of video moving picture, telecom service providers need to have their infrastructure in place for now and the future, and they're looking to equipment vendors to offer solutions for both. @47036

Redback Networks Chief Video Architect and Director of Technology Planning, Dr. Alan Lippman, talked to SearchTelecom Site Editor Kate Gerwig about how video deployment looks from his perch at Redback. How did Dr. Lippman, with his background in mathematics and even oceanography, end up at Redback, a company acquired by Ericsson in 2007 that, among other products, makes SmartEdge, an integrated voice-data-video edge router? As one of the original creators of RealAudio and RealVideo, Dr. Lippman was a key developer for all major product releases for RealVideo through 2001. At RealNetworks, he was the principal architect behind the real-time encoding and decoding of audio and video on the web that later became known as streaming media.

SearchTelecom asked Dr. Lippman about the challenges facing service providers in launching video businesses that hold the promise of next-generation revenue streams.



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