Cloud and Managed Network Services

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  • average revenue per user or average revenue per unit (ARPU)

    Average revenue per user or average revenue per unit (ARPU) is an expression of the income generated by a typical subscriber or device per unit time in a telecommunications network... (Continued) 

  • multichassis multilink PPP (MMP)

    Multichassis multilink PPP (MMP) is an extension of multilink PPP (MP) in which the subscriber can consist of more than one computer... (Continued) 

  • multilink PPP

    Multilink PPP is a communications protocol that enables a personal computer (PC) to use two PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) communications ports as if they were a single port of greater bandwidth... (Continued) 

  • telecommunications

    Telecommunications, also called telecommunication, is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means... (Continued) 

  • Next-gen networks: Why you need to get there

    This 10 minute podcast addresses what communications service providers need to deliver to create higher margins and differentiate themselves from their competitors or face selling commodity bits per second. 

About Cloud and Managed Network Services

Telecom providers that sell managed network services to enterprise customers are expanding into the cloud computing services market that is enabled by pervasive IP networking and enterprise needs to expand the private network beyond the internal data center. Whether the cloud means public, private or hybrid cloud services, you'll find resources on the technologies and changing business models for providing managed and cloud computing services like software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service and infrastructure as a service, and the partnerships that can help increase IT outsourcing revenues.