Service Delivery

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  • session border controller (SBC)

    A session border controller (SBC) is a dedicated hardware device or software application that governs the manner in which phone calls are initiated, conducted and terminated on a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. Phone calls are referred t... 

  • GB billing

    In the telecommunications industry, gigabyte (GB) billing is a form of Internet usage-based billing determined by how many GBs of bandwidth are used by a customer across an Internet service provider's (ISP's) network. 

  • telecommunications

    Telecommunications, also called telecommunication, is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means... (Continued) 

About Service Delivery

Telecom carriers are deploying new service delivery network capabilities based on software components and service delivery platforms and architectures that are flexible enough to enable rapid service creation, provisioning and deployment via one IP network. SDPs integrate traditional telecom and IT capabilities for use in telecom providers' IP networks. This section addresses existing and evolving service delivery solutions and components that include service control and creation environments.