• Quality of experience model drives OSS/BSS changes

    The role of operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) is moving toward a software-based XML customer experience model that focuses on the user’s quality of experience.

  • Improve mobile customer experience, ARPU with portals

    As MetroPCS launched its LTE network last year, it revamped its legacy mobile Web portal with artificial intelligence to improve subscriber loyalty and boost mobile ARPU.

  • 2010 telecom fan favorites

    It’s time again for the top-ranked SearchTelecom.com telecom content of the year, and you voted with your clicks for the best of IPv6, Optical Network Transport, 4G LTE, MPLS and OSS/BSS. Feel free...

  • Handling the impact of 4G on network operations

    The impact of 4G wireless on network operations can be eased by advanced infrastructure and deployment planning in the radio network, backhaul, service interconnection and content management.

Telecom OSS and BSS

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  • Class of Service (CoS)

    Class of Service (CoS) is a way of managing traffic in a network by grouping similar types of traffic (for example, e-mail, streaming video, voice, large document file transfer) together and treating each type as a class with its own level of service... 

About Telecom OSS and BSS

Telecom OSS and BSS are software systems that supporting operational network processes. OSSs (operations support systems) track network inventory, assets and provisioning of services, while BSSs (business support systems) deal with customer relationship management (CRM) and processes including taking orders, processing bills and collecting payments. Learn about these software tools and how they interact with the network and other systems here.