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  • What's the effect of network switch buffer in a data center?

    What's causing buffer? How much buffer should ideally be available in a network switch? Is there any standard available for buffer? Continue Reading

  • What to look for in data center switches

    Enterprises continue to virtualize data centers in the name of agility and efficiency. Because of this, the data center switches they buy today need to address both data center existing needs and future requirements. DC switches must be able to work well into the future, adapting to the tech we can see coming—namely, software-defined networking (SDN)—and the tech we can’t. Speed, density and agility are only some of the things to consider when purchasing a new data center switch. This Buyer's Essentials guide will lay out the must-have data center switch features, along with some "nice to have" extras that will make your next purchase the right one for you. Read on to learn about all the demands of the present and the possible demands that will come in a virtualized, software-defined future. Continue Reading

  • Network Innovation Award: Dell breaks mold with Dell/Cumulus partnership

    Dell wins this month's Network Innovation Award from SearchNetworking for its partnership with Cumulus Networks, in which Dell became the first mainstream switch vendor to permit third-party OSes to run on its switches. Continue Reading

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  • SDN efforts increase agility

    Network engineers and data center administrators need to be able to respond quickly to changing business requirements, and software-defined networking helps to facilitate these responses. Agility is often used as a buzzword at higher levels of an organization, but IT needs to take the word and own it in order to stay ahead of the curve. An agile data center requires agile personnel, and having both could be the key to proper software-defined networking transitions. SDN is increasingly promising and may reduce network costs and complexity. The real benefit, though, is that it allows network administrators to control the creation and destruction of their networks using policies and templates, rather than having to type in a command line interface. This quickens the creation of virtual private networks by a significant amount. Continue Reading

  • Why one IT pro’s network upgrade led him from Cisco to Dell

    In this Q&A, one network admin explains how rapid growth at his company prompted a massive network upgrade that included migrating from Cisco to Dell. Continue Reading

  • For virtualization documentation, timing can be everything

    Virtualization documentation can swallow up huge chunks of time if you have to retrace your steps. Recording what you do as you do it could save lots of time down the road. Continue Reading

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