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  • Cisco Adaptive Wireless IPS: Product overview

    Expert Karen Scarfone looks at the features and functionality of the Cisco Adaptive Wireless IPS, a wireless intrusion prevention system to monitor and protect WLANs. Continue Reading

  • Hardware vs. Software: The role of hardware in a software age

    In this software age, is there any role left for hardware? In our three-part guide, our experts' response is a resounding, "yes." It may feel like this is the era of software-defined everything and that there's no place left for hardware, but that's an illusion. It only seems like network hardware is out because software is oh-so in. The time has come to correct that assumption. Just because most things appear to be getting software-defined, that doesn't mean hardware should be placed on the metaphorical back burner.

    In the big hardware vs. software debate, hardware definitely has its place, and some of its roles are expanding rather than shrinking. Even in this virtualization revolution, there's an ongoing hardware evolution. This technical guide looks at why and where hardware is still an essential networking choice in terms of scale, reliability and performance.

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  • Network refresh: Look at your needs, not the name on the box

    In this Q&A, one networking pro shares why he and his team broke from their existing vendors during a network refresh and went with a new roster for their routers and switches. Continue Reading

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  • Monitor and manage network traffic with traffic shaping and NIOC

    Monitoring and managing network traffic through vSphere Distributed Switches is easy, thanks to the traffic shaping and network I/O control capabilities. Continue Reading

  • Taking your data center network design to the next level

    Data center network design upgrades are now high on many enterprise's must-do lists. The way enterprises now use data is why: In a recent TechTarget Networking Survey, when asked why they were updating their data center network, 44% of networking professionals who responded said it was in response to increased applications and data.

    This technical guide helps IT pros determine how to breathe new flexibility and speed into their data center network design. It considers how the increasing numbers of network-connected devices in the enterprise affect data center network architectures. It also looks at two specific data center network upgrades -- white box switches and hyperconvergence -- and it includes expert advice on how to identify and purchase the best data center switch for a particular network. This guide will allow networking pros to make their systems more agile and give businesses the ability to handle new opportunities and challenges.

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  • White box switches and hyperconvergence aid data center networks now

    White box switches and hyperconvergence are two upgrades that can breathe new life into your data center network. Learn what they are and how to make them work for you. Continue Reading

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