Telecom Tips
  • Making virtual and legacy networks play nicely

    Emerging network technologies like SDN and NFV have to interwork with legacy equipment and be managed as one. Find out what it will take to get there.

  • Let the real NGN transition begin

    Network operators will see real change in their next-generation networks in 2015, moving SDN and NFV from science project status to serious trials, while mobile networks get the lion's share of inv...

  • Heeding the VWAN carrier threat

    With vWAN providers changing the traditional three-legged WAN structure, carriers need to develop new WAN plans and services using SDN and NFV to keep enterprises on their networks.

  • Virtual WAN providers target MPLS users

    Virtual WAN providers are opening up wide area network options to replace MPLS, using SDN and NFV to create overlays that overcome the public Internet's drawbacks.